10 Smart Shopping Tips for Seniors

Retirement is often a time when older adults tighten the belt a little more than usual. To help you spend your hard-earned cash wisely, without having to be a scrooge, here are a few helpful shopping tips.

1. Make your own butter

Mix 500g butter and 250ml light olive oil to make your own softened butter.

2. Check top and bottom shelves of supermarkets

Always remember to check out the top and bottom shelves of the supermarket. Preferred selling items are always placed at eye level but you may miss out on good deals if you don’t thoroughly check out the rack.

3. Give the no name brands a shot

Try some brands that aren’t as popular. You may find that they are equally as good, if not better in quality than some of the name brands.

4. Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk nets you substantial savings. So even if you’re in a single household, buying in bulk is always a cost-efficient shopping tip.

5. Share with a friend

In relation to the previous tip, to avoid potential wastage, you may share in the costs of a product, for example vegetables, when buying in bulk.

6. Specials

Buy what’s on special. You can save more that way while giving your meals more variety.

7. Write it down

A list is essential in ensuring that you’re getting what you need while staying on track budget-wise.

8. Hungry?

A peculiar but effective tip: Don’t shop when you’re hungry!

9. Markets

When purchasing fruits and vegetables, head to the local market. The selections are not only fresher, but also cheaper as well than buying at the store.

10. Check the catalogues

Check the catalogues for the specials. And when you find something you do need, take advantage and stock up on it so that you won’t have to pay full price next time.