Australia is considered a paradise for tourists, with attractions abound from one coast to the other. However, with the country spanning more than seven million square kilometres, very few people really ever get to explore it all.

With so much ground to cover, travel costs can pile up, putting an enormous stress on your pockets. However, there are ways and means to see the country at less cost. Read on to find out what these are!


This is considered to be the most costly but most hassle-free way to travel across Australia. And the limited competition amongst the airlines means that the chances of lower rates are slim. While there are airlines that operate distant locales, Qantas and Virgin are the two major airlines that fly to most of the country’s prime destinations.

For fare sales, you can try checking out budget carrier, Tiger Airways, that has a lot of fare sales and budget deals. You can also try to book early to save on costs.

Backpacker Buses

The Oz Experience is a backpacker bus company that operates along the east coast as well as the centre of Australia. It is somewhat similar to that of the Kiwi Experience, which offers activities during the journey across New Zealand.

Public Buses

A favourite mode of transportation among Aussies, public buses are cheap options along the east coast, but surprisingly quite pricey on the other side.
Greyhound Australia is the biggest company in Australia, although there’s also Premier and McCafferty. All three firms at times will offer $1 fares but, for the most part, the buses ticket prices range from around $35. From Melbourne to Cairns, a Greyhound pass will cost you $549 AUD.


While trains travel all across Australia, their use isn’t that extensive. In fact, most trains are very pricey. It’s not really an economical option so, unless you have the resources to splurge on a scenic route, trains are not for you. In addition, remember that tickets for the scenic trains are booked months in advance so don’t forget to book early!

Car Share

If you want to save on costs and be able to see Australia without much cost, go grab some friends and rent a car or a campervan to drive around the country. Sharing the rental and fuel cost will be much, much cheaper than any other travel option.

Here are some rideshare websites that you can try to visit:

  • CoSeats –
  • Share Ur Ride –
  • Life Social –
  • Catch a Lift –
  • Hop Hop Ride –

When planning to travel across Australia, make sure your budget for transportation is enough. Outside the busy eastern corridor between Melbourne and Brisbane, travel is high-priced. You’ll shell out a lot more than you expect to. If you want to save a lot of money, try to car share or get the Greyhound pass.

Money can be very hard to come by. And if you’re an avid wanderlust, finding resources to indulge in vacations can be tricky. But one of the best ways to make sure that you have some when you need it is to take on some extra work. Here are your best options at some extra work and some extra cash in your pockets.