boystown lottery

Expires January 27, 2016
Competition Closed

Boystown Lottery to Win a New Home Prize

Boystown Lottery

A new BoysTown lottery is now open for your chance to win a brand new home! How would you like the chance to win a prized new home? That chance can actually come true. If you want to take part in one of Australia’s biggest and best known lotteries, the BoysTown lottery, you can win a home as a prize.

How Do You Win this BoysTown Lottery?

To enter this BoysTown lottery you only need to take a couple of steps. The first is to visit the Boystown site and view the latest lottery to win a new home. There you can see the lottery and dream about winning the prize! Once you have stopped dreaming you can purchase tickets to enter this Boystown lottery draw to maybe turn your dreams into reality. Each Boystown lottery consists of different prizes and packages. Obviously the more tickets you purchase the better your chances of winning the prized Boystown home. Be sure to review every lottery available at Boystown throughout the year. Some lotteries may be more appealing to you than others. Sometimes you can win a luxury car as well. View the current Boystown prize home draw in the next section.

What BoysTown Lottery Prizes Can Be Won?

The current BoysTown Lottery to win a brand new house is Art Union 453. Tickets to enter are $15 each. To enter this BoysTown Lottery click here to purchase your tickets. Good luck and we hope you end up winning this amazing BoysTown home prize.

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