Panadol House Rules Competition

Expires June 27, 2016
Competition Closed

Panadol House Rules Competition

House Rules Competition

The Panadol House Rules competition to win $250,000 is back again! House Rules is back for 2016 and so is one of Australia’s biggest cash competitions you can enter now. There are big weekly cash prizes to win. Read on about all the best ways to enter this Channel 7 House Rules giveaway for your chance to win the big cash prize.

How to Win the Panadol House Rules Competition

There are a number of ways to enter the Panadol House Rules competition. Read carefully to understand which method of entry best suits you. You can firstly enter online at the House Rules site and complete all your details. You also need to include the special House Rules codeword shown on Channel 7 for that week.

You can also enter the House Rules competition by text. Sending a text message to 1977 7877 providing your full name, suburb and state will give you an entry too. Be sure to check text message costs apart from the 55 cent cost to send a message to this competition. If you have a smartphone you can enter the Panadol House Rules competition via this special site. Again you need to complete all the requested details for your entry to be valid.

Lastly you can receive bonus entries by visiting participating Woolworths stores. Visit the Panadol section where you will be able to locate the codeword needed to participate. You will also need your Woolworths loyalty card to enter in the last 6 digits on it to enter this way.

Enter the Panadol House Rules Competition

What can you win? The minimum prize is $1200 and the maximum prize is $50,000. The total Panadol House Rules competition prize pool is $350,000!. Good luck entering this giveaway via the below link. As there are many ways to enter this massive giveaway make sure you understand the rules clearly. The Full House Rules competition terms and conditions can be read here.


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