sunrise cash cow competition

Expires March 31, 2019
Competition Closed

Sunrise Cash Cow – Win $10,000 (or more!)

Sunrise Cash Cow

The Sunrise Cash Cow competition is back with more chances of winning cash in 2019. Do you spend time in the morning watching Channel 7 on your television? There is good news for you and for all Australians. You could win $10,000 or more every day! Just make sure to keep an eye out for the Cash Cow code word! Read on and you will know what we’re talking about. This competition is one of Australia’s largest TV competitions and is open to all Australians where Channel 7 is watched who are 18 years old and above. Full competition entry details and Cash Cow code word info available.

How to Win the Sunrise Cash Cow Competition

It is very simple to enter the Sunrise Cash Cow competition. First of all keep an eye out by watching Sunrise for the daily Cash Cow competition code word. Then, decide on how you want to enter the Cash Cow competition, by phone or SMS. All you have to do is call 1902 55 77 07 for a small fixed charge of $0.55. Or you can call its hotline number 1300 851 419. You will be asked to register the Sunrise Cash Cow code word which is given during the show. You will be asked basic personal details like your name, address and other information needed. By submitting an entry into the Sunrise Cash Cow competition you are giving your consent to the Terms and conditions set forth by Channel Seven.
Another way to enter the Sunrise Cash Cow competition if to send an SMS to 19 777 077. Type in the daily cash cow code word and your full name and address. It will only cost you $0.55 for sending the text message. You can also use your smartphone. You can choose to log in to the Sunrise Cash Cow competition mobile site. Click on the mobile site link and you will find many options to join. You will need the cash cow code word to use on the mobile entry form too.

Win the Sunrise Cash Cow Competition – Register Now!

Stay close to your phone every day because if your entry wins, they will call you. Is you answer your phone within 3 rings, you win $10,000 immediately. By answering your phone promptly you may win the jackpot prize. You can also follow Sunrise on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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