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Expires April 30, 2019
Competition Closed

Win the Block of Cash Competition

Block of Cash

The Block of Cash competition is back for 2019. Blocky is all set and ready to give away a lot of cash. In 2019 Blocky is going to give away hundreds of thousands of dollars! The competition is easy to win and is also a lot of fun. Read on for full block of cash competition details and tips for your best chance to win!

How to the Win the Block of Cash Competition

The Block of Cash competition is organised by Channel 9’s Today Show. The giveaway when running usually takes place live on television between 8am and 9am. If no-one answers the telephone after 5 rings then the Block of Cash competition will jackpot by a further $10,000. If someone picks up the telephone within five rings but does not provide the right answer there will also be a $10,000 jackpot the following day. Competition participants selected to be called will be drawn the day prior to being called on-air. The winner must state “I wake up with today” to collect the cash prize.

Enter the Block of Cash Competition

The Block of Cash competition requires a few steps to enter. There are two ways to enter. The first is through SMS to 199 55 999. Individual entry costs 55 cents and you can enter as many times as you like. What you need to do to enter is provide your full name and suburb where you live. You will receive a SMS confirmation back saying that you have entered the block of cash competition draw. You can also enter the block of cash mobile site. The mobile site is easier to enter and you can save money if you want to buy multiple entries. You can save up to 27% of the regular entry price of 55 cents if you purchase 25 entries.

Block of Cash Entry Tip: You need to enter the day before a big jackpot morning giveaway call. Participants are selected the day before 4:30pm.

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