Australians often take credit card debt and blow it out of proportion during the summer holidays. That’s a cold hard fact that we all have to accept and even more importantly, we have to address.

The good thing is there are easy-to-do ways to go about this. Get your finances back on track with these five nifty ways to save:

1. Lessen your vices

If you smoke, drink, have an addiction to coffee or any other vice, perhaps it’s time to consider cutting back on these. Doing so would not only help improve your health, it can even help you cut down on expenses, freeing up some resources for some other things.

2. Deal with stress without stressing your wallet

The so-called habit of stress shopping is real. Believe us, we have first hand knowledge of it! But there are better ways to coping with the daily rigors of life without putting the stress on your finances. You can try taking a walk in the park to clear your head or even yoga.

3. A shopping list app can come in handy

There are plenty of apps that are available for download that can help you manage and monitor your shopping habits on those trips to the grocery store. Try one out! Having one can potentially keep you from buying things that you can actually don’t need, saving money in the process.

4. Purchase a coffee machine

A recent survey indicated that 59% of coffee machine owners make use of their appliance each day and 57% actually prefer the taste of the cup they brew themselves.

5. Bottle your own water

The cost of buying bottled water everyday adds up and you won’t actually notice it until you do the math. So buy a bottle and then, when it’s all out, refill it from a tap or water cooler at your office or at home.