Australian Ugg Boots

Australian Ugg Boots have become one of the most iconic apparel since Australian surfer Brian Smith brought it to Southern California in 1978. Recognizing the casualness and comfort of sheepskin boots, Smith knew by heart that it would be perfect for the laid back and comforting beaches of Southern California. He began selling his own brand of ugg boots that immediately captured the interest of every surfer that has inevitably reached small towns and big cities alike. As the ugg brand gained popularity, its use has been attributed to fun-loving individuals. Having a pair of Australian ugg boots became a staple for every surfer, sports lovers and for those who prefers an active and relaxed lifestyle. It also took the fashion world by storm extending its grasp towards Europe, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo and Shanghai. Today, the UGG brand is offering a wide collection of footwear ranging from timeless ugg boots to chic sandals, slippers and wedges. Ugg brand lovers can shop online or buy directly from a number of Australian Ugg stores nationwide.

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Australian Ugg Boots Shipping and Returns Policy

Australian Ugg Boots online ships worldwide and is now available for free delivery across Australia. They also offer a free return or exchange policy to provide the highest customer satisfaction. For individuals who would like to return their purchase, they must call or leave a message with customer service. Contact info is available online. Please take note of the policies in returning and exchanging specific products bought.

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