Babi Bello

Born in Brazil and having worked on some of New York’s most famous fashion houses like Macy’s and Kenneth Cole, Babi Bello was pursued by an Australian company in 2006. She then settled in Brisbane, got married and had a child. Yet even after having a stable job and a family, Babi knew that she had yet to fulfill her mission. That mission was to create an array of intricately designed shoes for women using only the highest quality South American leathers. Thus, Babi Bello was created. The Babi Bello brand is characteristically Brazilian. Babi’s upbringing and her years of living in fashion hubs such as New York, Miami and Rio inspired her to create a collection of women’s shoes that are nothing short of chic, sexy and trendy. Today, Babi Bello is a footwear brand enthusing women to express their personality, be more confident and independent. Shoe lovers are now given the privilege to shop online or buy directly from any Babi Bello shoes stockists in Victoria, West Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand and Queensland. For more information, you can check on this link.

Babi Bello Shipping & Returns Policy

Babi Bello offers nationwide delivery on all Australian orders for a small fee. Consumers are also allowed to refund, return or exchange their Babi Bello products. However, individuals who would like to access these rights must handle the processing fee. They are also required to immediately communicate with the right person/s. Moreover, Babi Bello online will not accept products that are bought from any physical store or boutique. Returns and exchanges should be reverted on place of purchase.

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