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Belong offers hassle free broadband on the nbn and ADSL. Belong started to provide affordable and flexible approach to broadband for customers. As part of Telstra, Belong is backed by one of Australia's most valuable brands with 24/7 customer support and no peak or off peak limits. Read next for our review and special Belong promo codes and latest offers see above.  

Belong Broadband Review

We at Daily Savers Club think it is great that there are now no contract option services like Belong out there. So we signed up online to Belong on the no contract ADSL 70GB per month option. Sign up in Ocotber 2014 was easy and very clear. This certainly beats ordering broadband over the phone or at any retail outlet. We also received a Belong promo of a wifi free modem included as part of sign up. This was an offer on all signups so no Belong promo code was required at the time of sign up. For heavier users there is also a 250GB monthly package. The service to date has been extremely positive. There has been 0% downtime experienced and we are still nowhere near reaching the 70GB monthly threshold. One criticism is we probably would have taken a smaller GB package for cheaper if it was available. However if there are any technical issues in the future Belong has 24x7 Help Support available. Again the main benefits of Belong vs. other providers:
  1. There is no such thing as Peak & Off-Peak
  2. 24x7 customer help and support available
  3. Belong is powered by Telstra, Australia's largest broadband provider
  4. Save on 12 month plan or keep it flexible with month by month options
  5. Occasional special offer Belong promo codes to use when signing up

Belong Promo Codes, Specials, Promotions

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