Booko Online

Booko is a website that searches for the cheapest books and DVDs in the Internet. It also computes the shipping cost of all orders. It provides a buyer’s Guide so that it will be easier for you to search for the cheapest price of your favorite book or DVD. It is a very handy site with many features to make it user-friendly. They are constantly updating the results of their search to provide the lowest cost of the product.

How do You Use Booko?

When you go to their website type in the title of the book or DVD you are looking for on the search area. When the results come in, click on the title you are for. Booko will search the Internet and will ask some questions. You will see the answers as it collects them from online shops. If someone before you has already checked the prices, you will get instant results. Make sure to check on the date of the prices. The date is found at the top of the page. Click the “Update prices now” and the bottom of the page is the date on top is older. Once you click the name of the shop you will be redirected to the website of said shop. You will be taken to the page of the shop where you can find the product you are searching for. If the shop has no links to particular products you will find yourself on their landing page. You can search from there.

What Sites Does Booko Use to Compare Prices?

Booko uses many sites to compare prices of books and DVDs. For international sites like Amazon, Ebay, and Powell Books, they convert the prices to the local currency. They use local sites such as Book Depository, Wordery, AbeBooks, Fishpond and many more. Enjoy shopping for your next book and use Booko to track it down online.