Get Glasses

Get Glasses is a company that sells eyewear such as eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses. Get Glasses also claims to offer the lowest and most competitive prices in their online store. This will help buyers both save time in having to go to a shopping centre and at the same time, it will also help them save money. Get Glasses offers a range of well known brands such as Ray Ban, Gucci, Adidas and Christian Dior. Apart from that, they also sell private labelled products at cheaper prices.

Get Glasses Discount Code, Coupons & Promotions

To see the latest Get Glasses discount codes and promotions see the section below. This eyewear company will surely give discounts to its buyers because new designs and collections on glasses are constantly being released onto the market. With that, the company will surely give out regular discount code, coupons and promotions. Don’t forget to check back on Daily Savers Club for these exciting offers.

Get Glasses Shipping & Returns Policy

Get Glasses has a range of flexible shipping options for its customers.  Alow standard rate of $5 is required to be paid as shipping costs. However Get Glasses normally has free delivery available if a minimum spend amount is reached. Delivery time depends on the buyer’s location and on the availability of the item. Get Glasses has a return policy of 30 days after the item purchase date. However, if the item is unsealed and contact lenses are opened and used, the company will not accept the item as a return. All items should be in original condition when returned. Additionally, if prescription glasses has lenses thickness of 1.67 and more, and if they have progressive and/or indexed lenses, the company will not accept them as a return.