Hush Puppies Online

Hush Puppies was founded in 1958 and the world became a lot more relaxed with the arrival of the first casual shoe. Founded in America the first hush puppies were made for families moving from very formal, conservative living to a more relaxed, casual way of life. Since then Hush Puppies have continued with producing some of the most comfortable yet stylish shoes in the world. Using soft and breathable materials at all times Hush Puppies maintains its casual origins to today. Now Hush Puppies online offers people to shop casually for their shoes from home.

Hush Puppies Online, Stores and Factory Outlet

Apart from Hush Puppies online there are also physical stores located in Australia. So if you like to try on your shoes before you buy then you can view online and then go in-store. Stores are currently located in Victoria and New South Wales. Please note that online promotions and specials may not be applicable for in-store purchases.

Hush Puppies Shipping & Returns Policy

Hush Puppies has a very open returns process and a simple online platform to request a return. Visit the site and follow the prompts at the Returns section. You can make the return request as either a Guest or a Member. Please note that hush puppies shoes bought online can not be returned to an individual store.

Hush Puppies Promo Codes

Below you will find the latest Hush Puppies specials and promo codes to use. Otherwise you can go straight to the store here. Please be sure to read all the terms and conditions related to each offer and promotion.