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Lebara Mobile is one of Australia's best low cost international call providers. They offer low-cost international calls direct from your mobile to any international destination of your choice. Lebara Mobile has a wealth of experience operating cost effective international call services. The first market they were successful in was the Netherlands where they started in 2004. By 2010 they had over 2.5 million customers worldwide in other countries such as Germany, the UK, Denmark, Spain, France and Switzerland.

Lebara Mobile Call Rates

Lebara Mobile places great importance on the communications providers it partners with in each country. This is the same for Australia where it has a wide network of high quality partners. They also place a great importance of dealing with customers by offering them high quality online support. As Lebara Mobile is in the international call business, they offer their services in a range of languages which is very convenient. Apart from cost effective International calls, Lebara Mobile also offers value National calls too. All call rates can be found here.

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Lebara Mobile is a great choice for those people looking to keep in touch with their family & friends in another country. With No Contract options and no hidden charges they are also extremely flexible.