Life Reader Promo Codes

Life can be trying and tough at times. In moments like these, we need guidance and support to help us restore the harmony and joy of our existence. Life Reader is an online psychic reading experience. All their psychics are specially selected and have passed a thorough quality assurance process before they are allowed to serve customers. Their readers have different specialised fields such as Tarot Card Readers, Clairvoyants, Horoscopes and Astrology. If you visit the Life Reader website you can choose from any of their services and available psychics any time you need guidance. You can connect for Phone Readings. You can have a live chat with their psychics. Their Life Mail system allows you to message their readers to update them on what’s happening to your situation, schedule another session or ask questions. The services of Life Reader are for entertainment purposes only. All readings will show the pricing and charges that are applicable. With Life Reader promo codes you can avail of great discounts.

Life Reader Promo Codes, Discounts and Special Sales

Regular online Life Reader promo codes, voucher codes and introductory offers are available. You have to register before you can choose a reader and start the reading. For first psychic phone reading, Life Reader charges only $0.19 per minutes for ten minutes. For online text and chat, first three minutes is free. Reading of horoscopes is free.

Life Reader Service Delivery

You have many ways of connecting with their readers. You can talk with the reader you have chosen using your phone. Simply click on the Call button and you are get connected with your reader. You can use their Life Reader’s online text and chat. You have three minutes free usage of this service. You can also schedule a voice call to your phone. You can choose what time you want to be called in. Or you can email your reader with their IntraMail to ask questions or arrange reading sessions.