Sneaking Duck

Sneaking Duck was founded by Mike, Michael, Mark and Jodie after wanting to shift how the eyewear industry was operating. They considered for too long that Australians has been paying large amounts of money for frames. A large amount of frames that were being purchased were being produced by two large offline companies. Sneaking Duck seeks to provide exciting, fashionable yet cost effective frames for all uses and occasions. There is a constant update of the product range supported by high quality customer service. Such is their reasonable pricing is that owning multiple pairs of glasses is now achievable. What you used to pay for 1 pair now may buy you 2 maybe 3 pairs at Sneaking Duck.

Sneaking Duck Shipping & Returns Policy

Sneaking Duck has a target delivery time of a maximum 3 days. Overnight couriers and overnight postage are used wherever possible. If lenses are out of stock of if you live remotely then delivery could take up to 10 days. For those that do not like waiting and live in central Sydney, Sneaking Duck also deliver same day orders via WantItNow if orders are placed before 11am. For returns Sneaking Duck has a very open policy for all standard frames. You can return standard frames for any reason within 60 days. You can either opt for a replacement, different pair or a full refund. 3D Print glasses fall under a separate returns policy. For any questions you can contact the very helpful Sneaking Duck Customer Service team.

Sneaking Duck Promo Codes, Coupons & Specials

See below for the latest Sneaking Duck promotional codes, coupons & specials. Again with full refunds available if you are not happy with your purchase you should feel confident taking up any Sneaking Duck online specials available to you.