TPG Broadband Promo Codes, Specials, Offers

TPG Telecom Limited is one of the largest telecommunications and IT Company in Australia. It provides the best and fastest business and personal internet services. It also provides telephone services for mobile users. It has a wide range of communication services suitable and compatible for residential users, government offices, small and medium businesses, wholesale customers and large corporate companies. The company has an end-to-end network infrastructure. It has more than 400 DSLAM enabled telephone exchanges all over Australia. It has a widespread inter-capital and metropolitan fiber optic networks. It connects Australia and Guam using an international PPC-1 submarine cable. This connection further connects Australia to USA and Japan. TPG has recently added more inter-capital fiber optic network to its assets. Thus it well-known in the telecommunications industry in Australia

TPG Products & Services

TPG offers products for personal, small business and large corporation use. They offer bundle service for personal use. Personal bundles include an NBN Broadband, ADSL2+ with home phone and Fiber to the building bundle. They also offer only internet services. For personal mobile phones they have T4G Plans. For small offices, the company offers bundle services that include video surveillance, Business VoIP, Ethernet broadband and other services such as domain name hosting and website hosting. For large businesses, TGP offers private network, hosted firewall, Ethernet broadband, Business VoIP and business mobility. View the current specials available via their website.

Saving money with a TPG bundle service

You save on TPG bundle services. Bundle services are where you combine several home and business products on the one bill. Normally it involves your phone calls as well as your internet. With TPG there are regular bundle offers available. This is a great savings compared to just getting a home phone or an internet connection where the monthly charge is more or less the same but without the other services included in the bundle.