Twenty 8 is an online aromatherapy store founded by Kim Morrison. The company sells aromatherapy based products which helps in slowing the aging process. Their products also assist in rejuvenating the cells for a natural approach in health and beauty. The products of the company are 100% natural - meaning no synthetic chemicals, fragrances or preservatives.

Twenty8 Discount, Coupons & Promotions

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Twenty8 Shipping & Returns Policy

Twenty 8 ships their products Australia wide. However, buyers need to pay for the shipping fee. The shipping fee depends on the method chosen, the shipping location and the weight of the product. Since most of the shipping is based on the weight of the product, all weights are being rounded up to the next full kilogram. Additionally, Twenty8 has a six months return policy. However, items must be returned undamaged and still complete. The item should also include the copy of your invoice or packing slip. In case the buyer already lost these items, don’t forget to include the buyer’s first and last name, shipping/billing address, email address and phone number. Refunds maybe return in 7-14 days. However, eBooks, MP3s and other digital products do not quality for a refund post purchase.