Wiggle is a large online retailer that sells bikes, biking stuff and other sports products. This online company started way back in 1999. At first, Wiggle was based in a modest spare room at the back of “Bikes and Butler”, a retailer of bikes during that period. The company’s co-owner then decided to sell the shop’s stock over the internet and in the year 2000, their website started to boom and many orders started to take place. Wiggle has grown a lot since then and now has more than 350 employees.

Wiggle Promo Codes, Promotions and Specials

See below for the latest Wiggle Promo Codes, Promotions and Specials. Since many people all over the world are really in to sports, Wiggle continues as a popular value destination for online shoppers. With so much stock available to sell, quite often Wiggle will have special sales promotions available. Don’t forget to check back on Daily Savers Club for the latest discounts and promotions offered by the company.

Wiggle Shipping & Returns Policy

For convenience Wiggle ships items directly to Australian addresses. There are usually shipping fees involved however sometimes shipping may be free if a minimum order value is reached. For clients in Australia, the shipping fee depends on the weight and on the exact location of the buyer.  Items will be generally be received within 10 days. As for bikes, frames and some other heavy materials, shipping fee is more expensive. In case the items ordered are needed to be return to Wiggle, the items should be sent to the company’s address after completing a Wiggle Return Form available on their site. Anyone wanting to return items are responsible for shipping costs.

Latest Wiggle Promo Codes, Discount Codes & Sales