Federico Marchetti came up with a very brilliant idea when the company started the site yoox.com. Founded in 2000 this retailer is now considered as the world’s leading online lifestyle destinations for fashion, art and design. The website offers a variety of stylish and hard to find clothes and accessories for men, women and kids. It has also been a very successful site as it has stock for sale by the most popular designers in the world. Designers such as Armani, Burberry London, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Micheal Kors, Prada and Ralph Lauren all have items available to purchase at Yoox. Additionally, the site offers different products like home accessories, furnishings, table and kitchen utilities and textiles. Yoox has more than 400,000 likes and followers in Facebook and Twitter. This shows how much of an influence this site has in the lives of people all around the world.

Yooxcodes, Yoox Seasonal Sales & Promotions

To be updated with the latest Yooxcodes, seasonal sales and other promotions, see the section below. Yooxcodes are special codes that allows you to benefit from exclusive promotions. Yoox always a large range of new season products for its growing customer base. So be sure to check back here at Daily Savers Club for the latest updates on offers of this retailer. Normally, a new season for fashion and design indicates a great sales opportunity for any remaining last season stock.

Yoox Shipping & Returns Policy

Yoox now offers a free delivery to customers. With this customers will be able to save money and find convenience once ordered in Yoox. There is no hassle of going to luxury mall with the benefit of no delivery fee. However with quite expensive items on offer, sometimes local taxes may imply for your order. Yoox can calculate import fees for customers and it will be added on your fee once you check out. However, for countries where taxes and duties cannot be calculated, customers are required to pay for these at the delivery courier. Yoox accepts returns but the product should reach the warehouse again within 30 days from the initial delivery date. There is no fee for the shipping, but the company requires customers to pay for standard $15 as a Return Fee. Once the item reached the warehouse, the product will be processed and check within 3 days. Once it does not meet the conditions for return, it will be sent again to the consumer. If it does, the customer will receive a notification via email about the refund.  

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