Three in Four Australians Now Shop Online

Three in four Aussies are now shopping online but most recently a vast majority are shopping at local online stores, according the September 2014 edition of the Sensis e- Business Report. You can find other online shopping reports back in at Daily Savers Club News.

The switch in preference for Australians buying more from Australian online stores compared to overseas stores is explained by the decrease in value of the Aussie dollar. In previous years where the Australian dollar was more competitive against the American dollar, there were much higher purchases. So a lower value Australian currency is great news then for the local online retail community.

With overall price between local and overseas being the main factor in where Australians choose to purchase things from, this means that they are looking for the best deal possible. Therefore there is no real preference to shop locally or internationally when it comes down the final checkout price. The only other factor that may really sway a consumer’s choice is delivery time.

Interestingly the highest age demographic to purchase overseas than locally was those Aged 14 – 17 years. This younger age group may just be more fashion conscience than price conscience!

What Are Aussies Buying Online?

According to the report the most popular things purchased online by Australians were clothing accessories and shoes, airline tickets, books, accommodation and music. Another interesting fact was that Australian consumers are making more purchases with their tablets and mobile phones. This is the result of users become more confident making mobile purchases as well as retailers providing a better shopping experience for smaller screen sizes.

Which Aussies Are Buying Online?

With three in four Australians now buying online, that is pretty much most of us. However its is men who are more likely to shop online than women. In terms of shopping online by state, the ACT reported the highest percentage of Australians shopping (84%). The least likely is the Northern Territory (71%). With online shopping growing more and more common, these percentages will certainly continue to rise over the coming years.

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