How to Win Morning TV Competitions

win morning tv competitions

Want to Win at Least $10k to Start the Day? Yes please!

Winning a big cash competition sounds like the perfect start to anyone’s day! Some of the biggest competitions in Australia at the moment are run by popular morning television shows. Win morning TV competitions are run by both Channel 9 and Channel 7 programs. They are the Today Show Competition and the Sunrise Cash Cow competitions. We look at both competitions here and explain how to enter and what you have to do to win.

Today Show – I Wake Up With Today

How would you like to wake up to a brand new morning, open your television and find yourself a lucky viewer? Yes, because Today Show – I Wake Up With Today will give you the chance to win $10,000. Every day this television show is offering its viewers a chance to join the Block of Cash Giveaway competition. This competition is open to residents of Australia who are receiving Nine Network signal. Participants below 18 years old can join if they have proper approval from their parents or guardians. Once you have registered an entry, you agree to the terms and condition provided by Nine Network.

Participants must register their details for the competition a day before the airing of Today. Each day of the Week during the live broadcast of Today Show, one lucky viewer will be called to participate in the Block of Cash giveaway. This lucky viewer will have the chance to win $10,000. Participants will be drawn a day before the show goes on air. If the participant answers the call within 5 rings and says “I wake up with Today” he automatically wins $10,000. If his reply is incorrect, another participant will be called. Their total cash prize is $250,000.

You can call 1902 555 901 to register. If you are using a mobile phone there will be a minimal extra entry charge if you call 1902. You can also send a SMS with your full name and address to 199 55 901. All entries cost $0.55 each. You can also send your SMS to Mercury Mobility Hotline 1300 914 815.
You can also enter with your smartphone. Click on the Today Show Block of Cash Giveaway link and select an option. You can choose how many entries you want to buy. One entry will cost $0.55, two entries will cost $1.05 and so on. You can buy as many as 25 entries for $9.99.

Sunrise Cash Cow Competition

Do you spend time in the morning watching Channel 7 on your television? There is good news for you and for all Australians. Sunrise – Cash Cow is back with more chances of winning. You could win as much as $250,000 every day. This competition is open to all Australians where Channel 7 is received. It is open to Australians who are 18 years old and above.

It is so simple and easy to join this competition. All you have to do is call 1902 55 77 07 for a small fixed charge of $0.55. Or you can call its hotline number 1300 851 419. You will be asked to register the daily code word which is given during the show. You will be asked details like your name, address and other information needed. By submitting an entry you are giving your consent to the Terms and conditions set forth by Channel Seven.

Another way to join the competition if to send an SMS to 19 777 077. Type in the daily code word and your full name and address. It will only cost you $0.55 for sending the text message. You can also use your smartphone. You can choose the number of entries you want. You will find the cost of the desired number of entries on this link.

Stay close to your phone every day because if your entry wins, they will call you. Is you answer your phone within 5 rings, you win $10,000 immediately. By answering your phone promptly you may win the jackpot prize. You can also follow them on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Biggest Tip to Win Morning TV Competitions

The biggest tip to win morning TV competitions is to enter the small, regular morning jackpots. This is usually $10,000. The more the morning program competition jackpots, the more interest it will receive. Therefore more and more people are likely to enter. So you actually have a lot more chance of winning a $10,000 prize than a $100,000 prize. Good luck!

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