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New My Dan’s Membership Program

Dan Murphy’s has again revamped its membership loyalty program to now be called My Dan’s Membership Program. Formerly known as Dan Murphy’s Rewards program. The new program has been simplified to a more shortened, casual name. Called the My Dan’s Membership program now, Dan Murphy’s is clearly looking at new ways to keep up high

New David Jones Loyalty Program – Will It Save Them?

David Jones continues to play catch up in the digital world however it is slowly getting there. In the newest digital innovation coming out of one of Australia’s oldest retailers, a new loyalty program has been launched call “David Jones Rewards”. Will it be enough to reward customers and keep them shopping when the David

How to Save More Money in 2019

Ok its February now, holidays are over, kids a back at school, its time to get serious about 2019! Let’s then look at some easy ways that are going to help you save even more money this year. If you failed in 2018, that’s ok. But after reading the below there is no excuse for