Auto One Catalogue

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What’s Inside the Auto One Catalogue?

Accessories — If you are looking for roof racks, tents, winches and other accessories for your vehicle, you can browse the catalogues for details.

Performance parts — Performance parts are made to bolster the efficiency and power of the engine. These parts are also geared to improve the handling and the suspension system of a vehicle.

Spare parts — Whether you want to replace the faulty parts or you want to increase the performance and look of your vehicle, you can find various spare parts that are offered in the catalogues.

Car care products — The life expectancy of any vehicle often hinges on the regularity of its maintenance and extent of use. The components that are most susceptible to the elements are the external parts, particularly the body panels. The catalogues offer wide range of polisher, waxer and cleaning products.


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Auto One is an independent, member-owned automotive parts and accessory group that is privately listed and owned by its members through shares.

Auto One is an esteemed retailed that has a well-known name and image that holds high customer recognition in the automotive parts and accessories industry. The company’s slogan, “Right Gear! Right Advice!” strategically positions Auto One within the trade and retail portions of the market and backs the company’s future direction.

Auto One’s award winning catalogues that are produced on a consistent basis all throughout the year, shows customers the value and breadth of the Auto One range of products. Also, Auto One’s customer loyalty program, the Auto One Club, has been heared to offer privileges to devoted customers.

To make an augmented shopping experience, a store development program, comprised of updated concept stores and remodelling of existing stores, is at the moment being implemented all over the country.

Auto One takes pride in delivering excellent customer service, knowledgeable and experienced staff, a wide range of automotive parts and accessories and the ‘Right Gear! Right Advice!’

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Auto One and discover a comprehensive array of products. From car care and cleaning tools – from a basic wash and wax through to a full detail and polish complete with all of the specialist material for your particular project, paint and headlight restoration, metal polish, interior trim and leather protectant and restorer’s, your Auto One staff can help with the right advice – to oil and additives, audio and accessories, batteries, paint and repair and everything in between, Auto One has it all!