Every day in Australia there are literally thousands of competitions occurring that you may be able to enter. They may be online competitions where you enter via a website or offline such as a store or shopping centre. Winning things that are of interest to you is a great way to save money which is why here at Daily Savers Club we love competitions.

Competitions Guide

When you see a competition of interest, the best place to start is to read the competition “Terms and Conditions”. Although they are normally very long, they do contain important information. For example some competitions have some criteria to meet before entering, such as a product purchase, while others are open to everyone to enter.
There are two competition types that are the most common to enter, both offline and online. They are competitions as a Game of Chance and as a Game of Skill. Let’s have a quick introduction to each to understand what they involve and how they differ.

Types of Competitions

1) Game of Chance Competitions (Get Creative!)
All entries into the competition are given the same odds of winning the prizes that form part of the overall prize pool. Obviously the less entries into a competition, the more chance you have of winning. Check the terms and conditions to see how many times you may enter as most only allow one entry per household or individual. However some competitions allow multiple entries when completed separately – for example an entry completed on a different day or a different receipt used for a proof of purchase.

2) Game of Skill Competitions (Get Lucky!)
The most common game of skill competition involves creativity. If you do not think you are a very creative person, then stick to the game of chance competitions. Game of Skill competitions, with the most common being “In 25 Words or Less” you are required to create a unique response that will stand out from all other entries. At the close of entries into the competition, a panel of elected judges will review all entries and select their favourite responses as the winners.

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Get creative and good luck!