Dodo is an Internet Service Provider. It is a shop that provides for all home internet needs. It has been providing a wide range of internet services for more than ten years. Dodo offers its clients with great deals on broadband and is popular because of its unlimited plans. Dodo Internet Review used to have a negative reputation. However, after M2 Group bought this internet service provider, it is now a new service and is getting positive Dodo Internet Review.

Dodo Products and Services

New Dodo offers home broadband plans. It offers ADSL2+ and NBN plans. However, It does not offer cable plans. It is good to choose a plan that is based on Internet surfing practices. ADSL2+ broad plans offers 10GB plan, 50GB plan and unlimited plan. The 10GB plan and 50GB plan are designed for light internet users only. However, if the user’s internet practices include lots of streaming and downloading, he should prefer the unlimited plan.

Dodo Internet Review Summary

In various Dodo Internet reviews, customers have discovered that the 10GB plan and 50GB plan can become expensive in the long run. Once the maximum plan cost is reached, they have to buy additional data blocks. Otherwise access to the Internet service will be blocked and they have to wait for the next billing month. So the bigger the package you can get with Dodo the less chance you are going to get end of month bill shock.

NBN is preferable if it is available in the locality. Dodo offers three NBN broadband plans, the same as ADSL2+ but with higher costs. The customer has to buy the Dodo NBN modem for $120 before installation. The line rental is already included in the plan. The connection fee depends on the contract period.

Saving Money with a Dodo Bundle Service

Since M2 Group has taken over the Internet Service Provider, a lot of Dodo Internet review is showing that customers are happier. With the Dodo Bundle Service, customers have saved on their phone and internet bill by 50%.