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Food Processors Are More Popular Than Ever in Australia!
There always seems to be a food processor in people’s kitchens these days. Lots of new brands are entering the Australian market as demand increases. Food processor reviews are more and more important as new processors are released onto the market. Popular food processor reviews and the most popular products in Australia at the moment can be viewed in this article.

An article about how to read and compare food processor reviews would not be appropriate without a brief mention of its evolution! Once, long ago, the food processor was always a mother’s responsibility. Today young people, including many bachelors have their own food processors! Before mothers could work wonders with food processors. But the main drawback was that it took a long time to prepare food. It is here where modern food processors have advanced. They save everyone time on the preparation side for meals, shakes and smoothies.

The modern food processor cuts down preparation time of food. It takes away the laborious part of food processing. Before buying a food processor for your kitchen, you must know some very important facts. This will differ according to what you want out of your eating and your cooking though. If you want to know what some people say about a food processor, you can always go online for user food processor reviews or magazines.

10 Things You Should Consider When Reading Food Processor Reviews

1) The size of the bowl depends upon the number of members in the family. The bigger the family, the bigger the bowl you should choose.

2) Food processors have different kinds of blades for different uses such as grinding, liquefying, chopping and pureeing. Choose the blades made of stainless steel as they are the most durable and performs very well.

3) Every function of a food processor has its own amount of power needed. Functions like mixing dough needs more power. Choose the 700 watts processor motor so that it can do simple to tough functions.

4) Some food processors have limited functions. Before buying one, make sure to check on the accessories if they are included or at least you can purchase them separately. Your food processor must be able to do all your regular and favourite jobs in the kitchen.

5) All appliances have a standard warranty of one year. There are food processors with longer periods of warranty for the processor motor and shorter period for some parts. You will not like it to stop working a week after buying it. Also consider here the dangers in buying food processors from overseas sites and unofficial retail distributors. Getting your warranty recognised in these instances may be more challenging.

6) Food processors can be used for juicing and blending. However, it is advisable to buy a juicer and a blender if you are regularly juicing and blending. But for occasional blending and making juice, the food processor is capable of doing the job.

7) It is best to choose a food processor that can be washed by a dish washer unless you want to wash it manually. Some of them have difficult crevices where food will get stacked and hard to reach. Always check these parts so you will know how to wash them.

8) Processing heavy loads causes the food processor to vibrate. Pick one that has a solid body built and wider base. Stability is very important when using it. A wider base will prevent it from moving or dancing on your counter.

9) A good quality food processor can stand long periods of use without overheating or slowing down.

10) Make sure that the lid can be tightly closed. You don’t want the food spilling all over your counter. The feeding tube must be as wide as possible so you will not have to cut your food manually before feeding it to the processor.

Popular Australian Food Processors

• Thermomix – It is a German made food processor that is capable of heating, chopping, beating, milling, blending and many more uses. It can knead dough easily and fast. It allows you to make your own basic ingredients for an entire meal, desserts and dough. Aside from food preparation you can also use it to prepare homemade laundry powder and other body products. Some creative mothers make finger paint and play dough for their kids using this appliance!

The price of a Thermomix food processor is about $2,089. But you can purchase it in three easy installments with a no deposit payment plan if this is more convenient for you.

Thermomix can be time consuming if you are not confident of what you are cooking. You cannot see what is happening to the food inside. You need to stop it and check if the food is already cooked. You need to know how long the food will cook and with what speed and temperature. Otherwise, you have to follow their recipe book. The bowl and steamer are small. It is good only for two persons.

• Kitchenaid – This food processor reviews, chops and slices vegetables with only one touch of a button. It can grate lots of cheese in a few seconds. It is easy to puree sauce and soup with this processor. It kneads balls of bread dough, whips up fluffy margarine and emulsifies fresh mayonnaise so fast that trained chefs would envy its speed. It costs around $499 plus lots of accessories for free.

According to a few food processor reviews, one drawback of Kitchenaid is that the plastic bowl cannot withstand the powerful motor. The bowl can chip and fall into the food.

• Nutribullet – It extracts more nutrients from food compared to most juicers and blenders. It also pulverizes seeds, skin and stems into very small pieces you can drink them. The unit includes a power base, milling blade, extractor blade, and large and small cups. It also includes two resealable lids that keep anything fresh, and a recipe book.

• Ninja Blender – It functions as blender and processor at the same time. It is high-powered with a sleek design. It has an outstanding performance and is effective for crushing ice, pureeing, blending and controlled processing. It is pitcher can contain 72 oz liquid. It has blade and lid. It has three speed controls and pulse. It costs around $89.99.

Good luck processing all this information as you consider your food processor purchase. At the end of the day you whatever your choice you are going to save time and eat better. So enjoy your cooking and enjoy your health!