H and M Australia – Money Saving Guide

h and m australia Welcome H&M! H and M Australia stores now open. 

Learn all about H and M Australia stores and how to save money on your shop. H & M is a multinational retail-clothing company based in Sweden. H & M stands for Hennes & Mauritz. Hennes is a Swedish term for “hers”. It first started exclusively selling women’s clothing. When its founder acquired Mauritz Widforss, a hunting apparel retailer, the company started the inclusion of men’s apparel.


What Makes H & M So Popular?

H & M is known worldwide for its fast-fashion for men and women of all ages. They turn their stocks over quicker and faster than other clothing retailers. They are fashion conscious and they know what fashion is trending on the internet. The company is the second largest worldwide clothing retailer and is in 57 countries. The first store to open was H and M Melbourne in April 2014.

H and M Stores in Australia

After the opening of the first H and M Melbourne store, they opened a second store at Macquarie Centre North Ryde in Sydney. A third and fourth store were opened at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre and Westfield Garden City, all in Brisbane. The company will also have open three stores at Pitt Street Mall in Sydney, at Queen Street Mall in Brisbane and at Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre in Perth.

What Clothing Range Do H and M Australia Offer?

H and M Australia offer a wide range and variety of collections for men, women, teenagers and kids. They have collections for all seasons, be it winter, spring, summer or autumn. No matter what is trending in fashion, H and M Australia will always have what fashion-conscious people are looking for. They have high quality of clothing but their prices are very hard to beat. It will be tough to find similar prices for similar items at David Jones. H&M can keep their prices low because they buy a lot of their products from independent suppliers who are their long time partners.


3 Tips on How to Save with Your H&M Shop

1) Visit the H and M Australia Website

Even though you can’t currently shop online with H and Australia their website contains a lot of great tools. A lot of it will be important as you prepare for your shopping trip! Most importantly is the Size Guide. Have a good read of this before your shop to understand your specific store sizing. This will avoid any unnecessary purchases that you make maybe without trying things on.

To see the latest specials and offers you can also sign up to the H&M Newsletter. Through this you can be aware of new releases and promotions. You will have a better idea of the latest clothing items before you step foot into the store.

2) Make an H&M Shopping List!

Once you have visited the website you can make a list. First of all write down all the clothes that you need followed by the clothes that you want. The clothes that you need are sure to get a lot more use than the things you simply want. Then you can see all the things you need & want and work out your budget. If you are a little light on funds go and buy the things you need only.

3) Take a Friend on Your Store Visit

It is always best to have someone to go with to H&M. Normally the stores are very busy and you may feel hurried to try items on or get into the checkout queue. Weekends at H and M Melbourne and Sydney stores can be extremely busy! So having a shopping buddy will calm you down so you have enjoy yourself more. You can also ask for advice on how certain clothes suit you. This will avoid making unnecessary purchases and wasting money.

Enjoy your H&M Australia store visit! It has been a long time coming to have these stores open in Australia so go enjoy your shopping there. You can go read further articles on shopping at Daily Savers Club.

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