Ok its February now, holidays are over, kids a back at school, its time to get serious about 2019! Let’s then look at some easy ways that are going to help you save even more money this year. If you failed in 2018, that’s ok. But after reading the below there is no excuse for not having a pile of cash to sit on comfortably by the end of 2019!

1. Pay Down Credit Card Debt

An obvious one but it just has to be said. With more credit cards having a very high interest rate you have having to pay even extra just to keep the same credit card balance. Look to get a strategy in place to be paying down well above what the minimum monthly payments suggest you pay. Otherwise you’ll be paying off your credit cards for ever, and giving your credit card provider a lot of interest (ie: more of your money). If you need help paying off your credit card debt, consider using a debt consolidation service.

2. Create a Family Budget

Whenever there is just more than yourself to look after, it becomes complicated budgeting for everyone in a household. Different lifestyles, ages, needs all add up with purchases & spending. With very few Australian households actually following any sort of budget plan, we strongly recommend you do. Either for the entire household or maybe for one area of the household’s spending. Take grocery shopping for example. Its easy to get carried away at the local Woolies or Coles and fill that trolley until its overflowing. Setting a maximum spend budget, such as $100, will ensure you shop more cautiously and be wary of the checkout register’s final tally. Remember to check out latest catalogue specials too and any available supermarket coupons. Here’s how a family feeds itself on $50 a week!

3. Build an Emergency Fund

Save for those rainy days because you never know when the heavens are going to open up. Life happens and there are events that are totally unforeseen that will affect our lives in some way. Choosing to set up an emergency fund is one of the smartest financial decisions you can make. Yes you might have Health Insurance or Home & Contents Insurance for those types of accidents, but something may come up where insurance isn’t going to help. The emergency fund will be there to support you, and you’ll be glad that you’ll have saved for it. That said, if you don’t need it that’s a great result as well. Keep it ready for the future.

Good luck with your savings quest in 2019. Continue reading more money saving articles.