Running is great way to keep healthy and fit. And if you’re tired of grinding on the blacktop and sidewalks of the metro, you can try to spice things up by taking up trail running.

Trail running is, well, running along a trail where there’s often trees, rocks, branches and boulders to either avoid or run over. It’s a more engaging way of running where you get to be more aware of your surroundings, while getting a good sweat in.

As with running, you don’t need a lot of equipment to enjoy the activity. But there are some recommended gears that you would like to have while trail running. And they are:

Water bottle

Compared to the metro, you won’t find any water fountains to quench your thirst when you’re running along a beaten path. So it’s best to carry a reliable water bottle to combat the heat and dehydration.


While there are trees to protect you from harmful rays, there are trails that leave you open to the sun. Additionally, when you’re running atop a mountain, which obviously is above the tree line, there won’t be any shade to help protect you. Sunscreen is the answer to all that.

First aid kit

As mentioned above, there will be a lot of obstacles that will encounter when trail running. At times, those obstacles will get the best of you. So to be prepared for any untoward incidents, it’s best that you have a well-stocked first aid kit inside your car.

Reliable running shoes

You don’t need to buy trail shoes if you’re going trail running. Regular shoes will do just fine. But if you feel like you need something trail specific, the Saucony Peregrine 7 is a pair worth checking out.

Tall socks

Tall socks serve a useful purpose: to guard your legs from branches and thorns that would reach out and try to grab your lower legs while you’re running on trails. Get a pair to save you the hassle brought about by scratches and wounds.