Australia has several ways and means to get valuable coupons and useful discounts! Read on to find out what these are:

1.) Special deal sites

Australia also has several sites that are keen in delivering discounts and coupons that you can easily print or use online. One of the more preferred ones is Groupon which holds travel, restaurants, experiences, beauty, local businesses and more special offers.

There’s also Finder, Buckscoop, Scoopon, Spreets, I love Coupons, PayLesser, CupONation, Coupns, Cudo and OzBargain which all boast of travel, restaurant, clothing and beauty type deals.

Lastly, Bubbler Deals is a site aimed at mums with special discounts of interest to mums.

2.) Sign up bonuses

There are sign up advantages and perks from firms along with Australian birthday freebies here. These bonuses can differ, ranging from a $10 gift card to a free meal or even a massive $100 off.

When making a purchase, take the time to check if they have a rewards program, loyalty club or newsletter with perks that you can enjoy.

3.) Discount tips

Here’s a nifty tip: place what you want to purchase in the cart of the store you are shopping with online. Then, check out only as far as putting in and saving your email, then leave without actually making the purchase. A lot of retail stores would automatically email you a discount within 24 to 48 hours to get you to push through with the sale.

4.) Receipts

A lot of stores have coupons on the back or bottom of receipts. You may also check out ShopADocket to look for deals nearby. Pizza, dry cleaning, carpet cleaning and accommodation appear to be the usual options on receipts.

5.) Newspapers

Take a look at your local paper for ads and in their classified section or if you live in VIC, NSW or QLD, you can also check out SmartSaver for amazing local deals and coupons.

6.) Blogs

Bloggers and social media influencers often have access to amazing discounts, coupon codes and special offers when they conduct reviews on products and services. It would be best that you stay tuned to their pages for these.

7.) Points or VIP clubs

The frequent flyer and supermarket reward programs are often first to come to mind. There are a lot of ways to accumulate points with your preferred stores or companies, redeem freebies and access loyalty discounts.

8.) Entertainment book

The Entertainment Book is a fundraising book that is primarily used by schools, sports teams and charities to raise funds while also delivering value to those who purchase it. The book costs $65 and you can choose to have either a physical book or use it as an app on your phone. It has concessions to restaurants, cafes, local attractions and activities.

9.) Online surveys

Survey sites deliver discounts and bonuses during times such as Pure Profile, SwagBucks and WDYT.

10.) Staff discounts

If you or a family member or a friend works at a store, check to see if they have a staff discount. These can range from a 5% discount through to 50% off and staff only sales.