woolworths price match

Does Woolworths Price Match Answer

Woolworths is known to offer some of the lowest grocery prices in the country. Unfortunately there is no Woolworths price match policy in place. However there are various other ways to save at Woolworths apart from price matching. The main way to save each week is to check the Woolworths Half Price Specials. This will mean if there are items you are looking to buy elsewhere at Woolworths they may be close to half the price.

Woolworths Half Price Specials

Though you may disappointed to hear there is no Woolworths price match, realise you can still make great savings! When you purchase products at Woolworths offered in their Woolworths Half Price Special, you pay only 50% of the normal Woolworths retail price. There are more than 300 products in the store that are regularly on sale at half the original price. Recent “Half-Price Specials” have included the following products. Oral-B power toothbrushes and white strips are currently sold at $24.99 from its original price of $49.99. You can save $25.00. Mortein Naturgard Insect Control Auto Protect Outdoor products are currently sold at $14.99 from its original price of $29.99. You save $15.00. Some Pepsi Products such as Pepsi Can 30×375 ml and Pepsi Max Cans 30x375ml are now sold at $14.00 instead of $28.00. Finish dishwashing tables are now sold at $13.99 making a savings of $14.00. The delicious Cadbury Favourites is now only $9.50 from its original price of $19.00.

From viewing the above list of half price special items used by Woolworths, you can save a lot more money than you would through price matching. The only catch is you have to wait until the items you want come on special. Without a Woolworths price match you can have all items you need to buy on a list and have competitor’s prices too. Then when the items become available as a Half Price Special you can see how much you will save at Woolworths but also compared to other supermarkets.

Are Prices the Same for Woolworths In-Store and Online?

Woolworths Half Price Specials are offered both in-store and online. Have you never shopped online? You can lean all about Woolworths online here. You do not have to worry about different pricing because its half price specials are the same for in-store and online. However you have to pay delivery charges when you make purchases on line with Woolworths Half Price Specials. But if your purchases are worth $300 and above, your shipping and delivery is free.