Win a $1000 Target Gift Card – Your Target Feedback
Your Target Feedback

Your feedback is important to Target and they have made a special competition available to receive it. This special competition will encourage as many Target customers as possible to give their feedback to improve all things to do with shopping there. Read on as to how to properly complete the Your Target feedback survey for your chance to win a $1000 Target gift card.

To Enter Visit

If you have a receipt or have seen an invitation somewhere to complete the Target feedback survey you do it all online. Visit the main feedback page to commence the survey and enter the competition draw. The survey to give your Target feedback will ask a range of questions. Some of these questions will involve a bit about yourself including your age bracket. Then questions will move onto your recent shopping experience at Target. Some questions will ask you to give scores to your overall experience and giving written feedback on how it could be improved next time. You will also be asked for your contact details to be notified if you are the lucky gift voucher winner.

Complete the survey to give Your Target feedback as well as the chance to win today! There are multiple Target gift vouchers to win until March 2016. Go complete the Your Target feedback survey now here.

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